dry !!

Went to the DMV today to get my permit, finally. Waited for an hour and half for a 5 minute test. I always thought I didn’t need to drive or anything since I’m so scared of running someone over, but I thought eh, it could be kinda fun since everyone drives. I wanna get that feeling of driving alone out in the night blasting the stereo. haha.

My hair is sooo dry and boring.. I need to get some oil treatment and redye my hair.

My dinner alone for today, which is as equally dry as my hair: Spam and Egg pasta

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August is here already, feels like I haven’t even started my summer… I haven’t even had a real summer in the past… 3 years, it’s always been work and summer classes =.=” boo… I wanna go on vacation!!

Recap of last week:

7-27>> Mitsuwa: bought some junk food

7-30>> Olivia’s black & white birthday party @ Flushing

me and the pretty girls~

8.2>> Tonight’s dinner @ Ikea

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first post

I have moved on to this blog. Still trying to figure it out!

Summer has been okay so far. Nothing exciting, but I seem to like it. Summer classes are done and work is not too bad, just having to get to work at 8am is killing me and everyone hates the executive who blames everything on everyone.

My first time actually gambling at Atlantic City on Saturday won me some money. Not much but just some lucky money! I’m not a gambler but just wanted to test my luck =)

Been spending this weekend doing practically nothing but watching movies and drama at home. Sometimes when I’m out, I wish I was at home but when I’m at home I wish I went out… =.=

Been working on this for a couple of days:

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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